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the Light of Hope Delivered a Message to Local Citizens
Center for International Affairs
2020-12-21 09:48:28
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the Light of Hope Delivered a Message to Local Citizens

 -Keimyung University, Dongsan Hospital, Daegu Dongsan Hospital held the lighting ceremony on December 4th(Fri)
- It delivered a message of the hope to local citizens to wish early end of COVID-19 

  Keimyung University delivered a hopeful message Cheer up Daegu·Gyeongbuk to local citizens tired of COVID-19, with the Light of Hope which added splendid beauty of winter night.
  Keimyung University held the lighting ceremony on December 4th (Fri) by decorating lights at Seongseo Campus’s main gate, Adams Chapel, Dongsan Hospital, and Daegu Dongsan Hospital where have taken a important role against COVID-19 in particular.
  Lighting balls at the main gate of Seongseo campus represented the Galaxy, and LED lights with Christmas decorations were brightened on street trees. A big Christmas tree decoration at Adams Chapel means spreading the light of hope to the region. The Light of Healing at outside of Dongsan Hospital wishes early end of COVID-19, and at Daegu Dongsan Hospital, Nativity of Jesus decorated with neon art wall and exterior lights lighten for local citizens as this hospital had brought important roles and hopes to them before.
  In this current COVID-19 situation, Keimyung University received huge attentions with its contribution to the region and consideration for students. Furthermore, when COVID-19 had spreaded rapidly in last February, Keimyung University provided Daegu Dongsan Hospital (located Dongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu) for local citizens to treat patients. After the hospital received consents of 130 inpatients and went through the discharge procedure, it had fully implemented as the regional hub hospital of COVID-19. In recent times, Daegu Dongsan Hospital have suffered from deficits in a period of the regional hub hospital, but they have been doing their best for normalization.
  Above all, Keimyung University had been well-noted as the first university in last March to provide academic encouragement scholarship (KRW 200,000, USD 182 ) funded by faculty and administrative members’ salaries to each undergraduate and graduate student, 23,000 in total. The scholarship (KRW 5 billion) was donated by about 2,000 faculty and administrative members’ salaries to support students suffering from COVID-19.
  After hearing this news, students expressed appreciation for university where that considered them truly. In addition to this, about 400 students re-donated their scholarships for other students facing with more difficulties, and it became an good example that university and students were united to overcome difficulties.
  Funds of the Light of Hope was raised from development fund of Keimyung University Graduate School Alumni Association.
  “In this COVID-19 situation, Keimyung University has fully devoted to the region. It was truly touched that Keimyung University not only offered the entire hospital for the local citizens, but also provided Academic Encouragement Scholarship donated by faculty and administrative members’ salaries to students. And, everyone has had a difficult time in recent times, but I wish we all together could overcome this situation with mutual understanding”, said Cho-ja Kim, president of Keimyung University Graduate School Alumni Association.

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Update date2020-06-16