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Virtual Homecoming: Hope to End of COVID-19 and Wait for Students
Center for International Affairs
2021-01-06 11:45:37
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Virtual Homecoming: Hope to End of COVID-19 and Wait for Students
- For students who have missed a campus, video was produced to show the campus and warm hearts of faculty members who wait for students

  While Keimyung University (hereinafter referred to as “KMU”) had ended fall semester 2020 with combination of limited face-to-face classes and online classes due to COVID-19, for students who could not come to the university, KMU has been drawing students’ attention with the video which shows a beautiful campus dyed with autumn leaves and warm hearts of faculty members waiting for them.

  This video, Keimyung University Virtual Homecoming, delivers a message that we have prepared educational environment and been waiting for students with parental hearts. In particular, it includes wishful message for freshmen who have not experienced college life and international students who could not come to the school from their home countries caused by the pandemic. In other words, it is untact Homecoming Day for currently enrolled students, not the graduated.

  As KMU is one of the most beautiful campuses nationwide, it is famous for film site. But, it is unfamiliar with empty atmosphere at the campus where originally has been equipped well for students to focus on their studies. Nevertheless, its fabulous campus gets ready to welcome students anytime.

  Ms. Seohyun Cho, freshman at major in English Language and Literature, said I looked forward to studying at the college, but I could not go because of COVID-19. And, in particular, living in another region gave me little chances. Furthermore, I would love to enjoy every season of the campus, but it was so sad that I couldn’t make it. While watching the video, I feel truly sad, but wish everything gets back to normal soon.

  A painting of Prof. Lee, Won-Hee, the former professor at college of fine arts, is hanging in Office of President. There is an old shoe on the stepping stone of a Korean traditional house in the painting, and it seems to describe the current situation. It also reminds us of teachers waiting a lot for students, and affection between teachers and students.

  Mr. Turdiev Shakhzod (from Uzbekistan), junior at major in Tourism Management said, I miss the campus and friends a lot after watching the video, in addition, as the video shows, I can feel hearts of professors waiting for us in empty classrooms. Though we all have been through the hardest time due to COVID-19, soon I believe that everything will be back to normal. Furthermore, While I remembered International Professors and Student Semester, it makes me feel a sense of kinship as one of KMU students, not International students, and have more affection for KMU.

  President of Keimyung University, Prof. Synn Ilhi, said, the invisible and tiny virus took a lot of things from us. The things we took it for granted became grateful things. Good news about development of vaccine and medicine has been delivered. It is quite difficult to be the same as before, but I am looking forward to seeing vigorous campus filled with passionate students in person promptly, not on monitor screens.

  This video was delivered through e-mail to all students and faculty members who have missed the campus and the classroom, and It also has been opened to the public on the school website and SNS.


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Update date2020-06-16