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Keimyung University Supports for Myanmar Students
Center for International Affairs
2021-04-07 14:26:10
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Keimyung University Supports for Myanmar Students

- Supports 300,000 Won (USD 265) per month for living expenses, 19.8 Million Won for 6 months in total, to 11 Myanmar students
- Plans to provide the students with President Special Scholarship in Fall Semester in case that Myanmar coup lasts

  Keimyung University (KMU) has decided to support for Myanmar students in the midst of the worse domestic situation caused by military coup.

  In recent times, Myanmar students have concerned whether their family are alive or not since they lost contact with their family while the military coup is lasting. Moreover, the students have huge difficulties in studying in Korea due to restriction of transferring foreign currency from local banks. Among 18 students, 11 students who currently study at KMU but are not awarded a government scholarship at all, will be granted 300,000 Won monthly per students for 6 months in total. Furthermore, KMU has a plan to provide them with President Special Scholarship in Fall semester.

  On March 16th (Tue), students had a meeting with Dean of International Office and other officials. Despite this difficult time, they didn’t show any hard feelings, and their ambition and passion to academics are the same as before.

  “I have come to know Korea has been through similar situations during my study in Korea. The current situations make us feel hard, but I am sure that Myanmar will be peaceful and prosperous country just like Korea after this storm passes, therefore, I will try to do my best to what I can do,” AYE MYAT MON THANT, majoring in English Language and Literature at KMU, said.

  Vice President of Student Affairs, Prof. Kim Yong-il, said, “Among 18 students, some of them were not able to come to Korea and took online classes in Myanmar, and also, other students studying in Korea have a hard time. We will make all efforts to support for those students not to drop out their studies.”

  Living expenses provided to the Myanmar students were raised from Keimyung Caritas. Established by KMU faculty and administrative members voluntarily in 2004, Keimyung Caritas has raised the fund, 400 million Won yearly, from 1% of KMU members’ salaries to provide the scholarship and support for low-income classes, overseas volunteer activities, needy neighbors and incurable students. Furthermore, Keimyung Caritas has set an good example in local society including fund delivery and volunteer work in the world; 10 Million Won for the victims of North Korean attack on Yeonpyeong Island in 2010, 50 Million Won for Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, 20 Million Won for helping the victims of forest fires in Pohang and 20 Million Won for helping victims of the Philippine typhoon in 2013, 50 Million Won for the victims of ferry Sewol in 2014, fund raising for Nepal Earthquake in 2015, fund raising for the soldiers who injured from DMZ PMD series mines, 20 Million Won for the victims of Myanmar waste rocks, 5 Million Won for supporting restoration of flood damage in Colombia in 2017, 10 Million Won for recovery of collapsed Laos dam damage in 2018, 20 Million Won for improving educational environment in Kyrgyzstan, and providing COVID-19 relief supplies to China, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

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Update date2020-06-16