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Inauguration of the 31st Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Center for International Affairs
2021-05-11 15:26:53
Inauguration of the 31st Chairman of the Board of Trustees.jpg
첨부이미지 : Inauguration of the 31st Chairman of the Board of

Inauguration of the 31st Chairman of the Board of Trustees

- Farewell Ceremony of the 30th Chairman, Rev. Dr. CHONG Soon Mo, and Inauguration of the 31st Chairman of the Board, Dr. KIM Namseok, were held at Adams Chapel, Keimyung University on April 7th (Wed) at 11am
- the new Chairman carries out term from April 7th 2021 to July 5th 2023

  Dr. KIM Namseok was appointed as the 31st Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and his term will last until July 5th, 2023.

  On April 7th (Wed) at 11am, Congress person, Mr. YOON Jaeok, Mr. HONG Seokjun and Mrs. CHOI Yeonsook, President of Keimyung University, Prof. Synn Ilhi, and Executive members of Keimyung University Educational Foundation, President of the Alumni Association, Mr. LEE Jaeha, President of the Graduate School Alumni Association, Mrs. KIM Choja, and others attended this ceremony. Mr. CHO Dohee, Secretary General of Keimyung University Educational Foundation, presided over the ceremony and declared the opening, and then it conducted with the 30th Chairman was awarded plaque of merit and appreciation, and inauguration of the 31st Chairman, in order.

  the 30th Chairman, Dr. CHONG Soon Mo, at the ceremony said, I would like to express profound appreciation for working as a member of Keimyung until now. We have overcome all the hard and tough situation, and affiliated institutes of the Foundation has achieved success with the fullest efforts of every member. We may face harder situation, but I firmly believe the new chairman, Dr. KIM Namseok, will lead us successfully. That way, I’m leaving my seat in peace of mind thanks to every single member’s potential.

  Rev. Dr. Chong has served as a member of the board for about 40 years and the Chairman for 8 times since 1973. And, he had accomplished a variety of achievements including promotion of the comprehensive university, integration with Dongsan Hospital, establishment of College of Medicine and Keimyung Unviersity Seongseo Campus, relocation of Keimyung College University to Seongseo, and establishment and relocation of Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital.

  Prof. Synn Ilhi said, the Chairman CHONG Soon MO has played an important role as a clergyman, scholar, and prop for Keimyung University. He had sacrificed himself for academic development during difficult times and it is within bounds to say that he was the person who made Keimyung University, Keimyung College University, and Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital, today. Though he is leaving the position today, we will always remember him, in addition, as the new chairman KIM Namseok has served as a member of Keimyung for 60 years, and he knows spirit of Keimyung more than anyone, in spite of a hard time, I firmly believe he will lead Keimyung Foundation to go extra mile based on achievements of predecessors.

  The new chairman said, this position is beyond my means and I am also worried about affecting any negative effects on achievements of the Chairman Chong Soon Mo. But I will do my best to perform duty and function of the board and develop achievements of pioneers and predecessors. Even though we live in a rapidly changing society and the crisis of local institutions of higher education, I believe spirit and potential of Keimyung that has overcome difficulties in the past. Moreover, if all members play their roles faithfully, brighter future must wait for us.

  Dr. KIM Namseok graduated from Department of Education, Keimyung University in 1961, completed Master degree in Education at Keimyung University in 1972. He also finished Doctorate degree in Education at Dankook University in 1988, and was awarded an honorary doctorate in public administration at Keimyung University in 2014.

  He established Korean Society for Library and Information Science, serving as the first president and a board member (1974-1981). He also served as a board of Korean Library Association (1975-1996), and Korea Association for Community Education (1978-1980). In 1980, he was appointed as a professor of Department of Library and Information Science at Keimyung University and retired in 2003. While in office, he took various positions including Dean of General Affairs (1988-1990), Dean of Academic Affairs (1997-2000), and Dean of Graduate School (2001-2003). From 2007 to 2015, he served as the 11th and 12th president of Keimyung College University, and has been currently a board member of the board. And now, he is appointed as the 31st Chairman.

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