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Selected for Smart Manufacturing Professional Human Resource Nurturing Program
Center for International Affairs
2021-07-22 10:17:19
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Keimyung University is selected for Smart Manufacturing Professional Human Resource Nurturing Program

- Secure 9.4 billion Won (USD 8.3 million) for the program organized by the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
- Conduct for 19 months for total, from June 1st 2021 to December 31st (the 1st year), and from January 1st 2022 to December 31st (the 2nd year)


  Keimyung University is selected for Smart Manufacturing Professional Human Resource Nurturing Program and secures 9.4 billion Won for 2 years (government grants 8 billion Won and private funds 1.4 billion Won) in order to create jobs and nurture talented people who are needed in the field of manufacturing innovation in Seongseo Industrial Complex, Daegu.
This project is a part of Industrial Complex Innovation Projects which is for digital transition of local industrial complexes by nurturing professional human resources. Keimyung University conducts it and other institutions including Kyungpook National University, Yeungjin University, Daegu Technopark, Daegu Mechatronics & Materials institute, Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency participate in the project. Universities and innovation institutions in Daegu will organize Industrial Workplace Advanced Consortium Organization and carry forward the business.

  The organization has a goal that the educational model of Future-oriented industrial complex is implemented, innovating manufacture and consistently creating decent work through the project that aims at highly value-added jobs, high productivity jobs, intelligent industry jobs. To realize the goal, they bring the strategy to the fore; educational roadmap for sustainable manufacturing innovation staff/job seeker, jobs advancement and employment matching system in Seongseo Industrial Complex, and the Complex specialized open-type running factory.

  To implement three strategies, there are five main subjects ▲ educational roadmap: staff, job seeker, and students(non-degree course) talent training roadmap ▲living lap: problem-solving living lap infrastructure in manufacturing field based on new manufacturing method ▲online training: online training system in the cause of increasing needs of untact educational environment ▲training specialized human sources: job training of smart manufacturing and cultivating talented staffs customized by the fourth industrial revolution ▲employment matching system: providing customized education and constructing company-to-job-seeker hiring system to fulfill the plans below in the chart showing main key performance indicator and annual performance plans.

  Head of Industrial Workplace Advanced Consortium Organization, Prof. Kim Beomjun mentioned that we will make Daegu Seongseo Industrial Complex workers be under manufacturing innovation training to contribute to successful digital transition. We will try to do our best as a nearby university through this project.

  Meanwhile, Keimyung University, the hosting institution of this project, has opening ceremony with Seokjoon Hong (Congressperson), Taehoon Lee (Head, Dalseo District Office),  Jaeyoung Choi (President, Yeungjin University), Daesu Kwon (Director, Daegu Technopark), Yoohyun Kim (Director, Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency), Daehyun Shim (Director, Daegu Regional Headquarter, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation), Gwang-yeop Chu (Chairman, Daegu Seongseo Industrial Complex Management Corporation), Officials at Department of Mechanical Robot, Daegu on June 28th (Mon) at 3 p.m, in Ohsan-building audiovisual room, Keimyung University Seongseo campus.

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