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Online Korean Language and Korean Culture Camp
Center for International Affairs
2021-10-19 11:36:12
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Keimyung University held ‘Online Korean Language and Korean Culture Camp’

 - Korean Language and Korean Culture Camp was held from August 9(Mon) to 26(Thu) amid the COVID-19 situation
 - About 50 participants from 9 universities in Japan learned Korean language on the basis of level and experience Korean culture indirectly.
  Keimyung University (President Prof. Synn Ilhi) conducted ‘Online Korean Language and Korean Culture Camp’for students from abroad during the summer vacation.
  Korean Language and Korean Culture Camp has been held every summer vacation since 2004, but this year, the camp was held online for the first time due to COVID-19. It was held from August 9(Mon) to 26(Thu) with 50 participants to learn the Korean language and Korean culture.
  Participants said, we learned Korean language on the basis of level in the morning, made Dalgona remaining in our memories through the screen in the afternoon, made colorful traditional Bojagi (wrapping cloth), and danced with K-Pop together. In addition, we had campus tour to see beautiful campus, and also toured the modern alleys of Gyeongju and Daegu. The most popular parts of this program were cooking Korean food and K-Beauty experience which introduced Korean makeup with Keimyung University students. All classes were delivered in real time to Japan. And at the end of each class, participants cheered for Keimyung University members with the saying;“It was fun and impressive.”
  Miyata Maki, from Kansai Gaidai University, said, I participated in the camp because I usually like K-Pop, but I like Korean culture more through this camp. And, If COVID-19 disappears quickly, I want to visit Daegu again to see in real and meet my friends.”
  Lee Myung-ah, camp assistant, said, it was amazing that we could meet and interact with international students online even in the midst of the COVID-19 situation. And, I thought I should have more interests in Korean culture while I have seen friends who liked Korean culture more than me.
  Dr. Min Kyungmo, Director of Center for International Education and Development, said, when we had planned the online camp, I had a lot of anxiety. But, I was impressed by seeing participants doing Korean calligraphy and making traditional Bojagi while looking at the screen from afar. Now, I think there is nothing cannot be done online, and the online camp will become a new type of international exchange model in the future.

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