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KMU’s Graduating Fashion Design Students Fashion Show
2016-08-23 09:58:49
KMU’s Graduating Fashion Design Students Fashion Show.jpg
첨부이미지 : KMU’s Graduating Fashion Design Students Fashion S
On May 25, the fashion show by graduating fashion design students was held in front of Shattuck Hall on Daemyung Campus. Seventy-seven designers prepared 154 clothing items for the show.
President Sin li-lee congratulated and encouraged the college graduates. He said, “The 21st century art style has changed from the 20th. Don’t mimic what you see, but express what you feel and try to express the ideas in a new way. Today’s trend is that invisible things are changed into visible. And colors naturally harmonize with the design.” He emphasized three types of fashion work: artistry, sociality and professionalism. He also said, “Don’t abandon your design. Try harder. And try new things without regret.”
The show ended perfectly with the parents’ encouragement.
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Update date2020-06-16