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Keimyung Volunteers
2016-11-30 11:14:48
Keimyung Volunteers.jpg
첨부이미지 : Keimyung Volunteers.jpg
From July 3 to 16, Keimyung University, Keimyung College University, and Dongsan Medical Center did volunteer work in the Philippines. The volunteer work was conducted by students, professors, and medical support people. They remodeled and repaired an elementary school, constructed classrooms, and leveled the playground in Valencia, the Philippines. Dongsan Medical Center built temporary wards and gave medical care to locals. The Dongsan group provided medical check-ups and medicines. Moreover, Department of Fashion Design students helped job creation for local residents. Students taught them how to make clothes and accessories (bracelets, necklaces).
Han bo-mi, a Keimyung University student, said, “I was proud that professors and students volunteered in the Philippines. I was reluctant to leave the locals.”
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