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Important announceme​nt for Korean placement test and medical examinatio​n!
2014-03-05 10:27:49

Dear students,
Below is an important announcement for Korean placement test and on-campus medical examination.
1. Level test of Korean Language Practice.
The students who are taking or auditing "Korean Language Practice" need to take the level test. Eventhough you do not have any knowledge about Korean language, you still need to take it for the placement.
It is held on March 5th(WED) at auditorium, new bauer hall 3F. Please do not miss this level test.
2. Medical certificate
According to the policy of the dormitory, all the residences need to submit the medical certificate every other year.
Therefore, existing students who have stay in the dormitory from last semester and new exchange students starting from this semester need to submit the certificate.
For your convinence, the doctor will come to our campus on March 6th(Thursday). Please come to the 1st floor of the dormitory administration building and take a medical test there. Fee for the service is 15,000KRW.
**The new exchange students who already submitted the medical certificate on the orientation day do not need to take a medical test on March 6th.
Thank you very much!!

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